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Frequently Asked Questions

Prefolds are the most basic form of a cloth diaper; you might recognize them as the typical "burp cloth."  The diapers are rectangular in shape and are sewn into three sections. The outside sections are usually 4 layers and the inside section is 6-8 layers. The inner panel is thicker to be able to better absorb moisture. While some may think prefolds are "old-fashioned," they have stuck around for a few reasons.  First, because there are many ways to fold a prefold diaper, they fit a variety of baby shapes.   They are the best diaper for diaper services because they are the easiest to sanitize and use the least amount of water and energy in doing so.  And finally, a cotton diaper isn't just a diaper. It's a burp shield for a parent's shoulder, a wash cloth, a light sheet in summer for an infant, a cushion under a baby on a rug or in a crib, a sunshade, a bib, a changing pad, a hand towel, and lots of other things that will give you nice memories of your child's babyhood.  However, please do not use our prefolds for housecleaning or as hobby cloths, as this will damage the fabric.

There are so many cover options out there to choose from, it may make your head spin.  We offer a variety of covers that you can purchase at the Red Wagon online store.  There are no shipping charges when you order from us; we will deliver them to your doorstep on your next weekly delivery day.

We would recommend 6-8 covers depending on how often you plan to wash them. 

You can purchase a variety of accessories from the Red Wagon online store.  There are no shipping charges when you order from us and we will deliver them to your doorstep in your next weekly delivery.

We appreciate that you care for our service enough to spread the word! To show you our appreciation, we will give you a $20.00 gift certificate when they sign up for service.

If your dirty diapers are not in the designated pick-up/delivery area when we arrive, we will still leave your fresh week’s supply. There are 2 options for recovering the dirty diapers:

1.    You can drop them off at our location in Bellingham for no additional charge.
2.    We can make an additional trip to your home to pick up the diapers for a $10 service fee.

Please call us at least one week in advance of your trip and we will make arrangements. Please remember to put your soiled diapers outside prior to leaving.  Vacation weeks without service will not be charged.  For notification less than 1 week prior, there will be a $10 service fee.

Please let us know at least a couple of days before your scheduled delivery day to cancel your service, by emailing Steve@RedWagonDiapers.com.  We will arrive at your home, as scheduled, to pick up your rental items in your designated area. This includes all diapers on hand, all rented diaper covers and wipes, and diaper pail. Assuming all rental items are returned undamaged, we will refund any balance remaining, outside of the current service unit (your current 4 weeks of prepaid service.)  For instance, if you have purchased 2 service units (8 weeks total) and you are canceling in week 2, you will be refunded the balance of 1 service unit (4 weeks.)  

Yes, we offer a multiple children discount.  We offer a 25% discount for any additional infants or toddlers. This includes additional pails, pail liners, and citrus disks. Now compare the cost of our service to purchasing disposables!!

You can check out the diagrams for folding techniques in your Diaper Guide.  Or follow this link for a video tutorial.  (Please note: Red Wagon diapers are a better fit and shorter than the typical pre-fold diapers.  So you may not need to do the initial edge fold over that is shown in the video.)

You can always call us at 360-961-3710 and we are happy to arrange a consultation for any questions you may have.

There are two main reasons that this may happen. The first is that your baby may have outgrown the current diapers you are using.  If you think this is the case, give us a call and we’ll bump you up to the next size diaper. The second reason may be that your baby is a heavy wetter.  We offer highly absorbent doublers that you can purchase at the Red Wagon online store.  Doublers are smaller cotton diapers (think thick liners) that you place inside the diaper to help soak up the wetness.  Wool wraps are also good options for nighttime as they can absorb up to 30% of their weight in water. You will only need one wool wrap since they naturally clean themselves and only need to be washed every two weeks for lanolizing.  Wool wraps are also available for purchase in the Red Wagon online store.

Yes, there are. Most makers of diaper creams now offer creams specifically-formulated for cloth diapering, but otherwise please do not use any ointment formulated with fish oil or zinc oxide. We do offer two effective and locally made options in the Red Wagon online store.  Natural alternatives (such as corn starch and lanolin) are also popular with many parents.

Of course. For any changes to service (# of diapers, change of address, change in drop-off location etc.) please call or e-mail at least two days before your delivery day.

The citrus disk provided with your service is a non-toxic deodorizing disk that can be placed right inside the pail. Each disk lasts about 3 weeks. Baking soda also works as a non-toxic deodorizer. Sprinkle it liberally into the pail to neutralize odors.

You will receive a rented diaper pail, 2 biodegradable diaper pail liners, a citrus disk, an optional Snappi fastener – which is used in place of pins - and a Diaper Guide. (A new citrus disk will be delivered every other week.)

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