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How Our Service Works

Starting your service:

If you sign up for service prior to the arrival of your baby, we will deliver your starter bundle of diapers to you two weeks prior to your expected due date.  Once your baby arrives, just give us a call and we will begin the full service the next work week!

If you sign up after your baby has already arrived, you will be assigned a delivery day based on your location and we will drop off your order the next work week.

Once service has begun:

On your first designated delivery day, we will bring your starter bundle of fresh clean diapers packed in a biodegradable diaper pail liner. We will also leave a rented diaper pail, a scented citrus disk, an additional liner, a sample "Snappi" fastener and a Diaper Guide.

After changing your baby, simply place the dirty diaper in your pail  – no rinsing or soaking needed!  The only thing we ask is that you shake any solid stool into the toilet first as this will reduce pail odor.

By 8:00 am on your scheduled delivery day, remove the liner with dirty diapers and place outside.   We will replace it with a freshly laundered set of diapers, bundled in another liner.  (Just as a reminder: you’ll have the additional liner to put in your pail if you need to set the dirty ones out before your fresh ones are delivered.)

Simple as that!  Now you and your baby can just enjoy the ease and comfort of cloth!

Please note: Your first and second deliveries will consist of the exact number of diapers you have requested in your order. All subsequent deliveries will be the amount of dirty diapers returned to us the previous week.

For example: The first week of your service we deliver your newborn starter bundle of 80 clean diapers.  The second week we deliver an additional 80 clean diapers and you return 75 dirty.  The third week we deliver 75 clean diapers and you return 64 dirty.  The fourth week we deliver 64 clean diapers...and so on.

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